Present:   R. Edwards, P. Olivant, R. Macdonald,  A. Hawkins,  R. Denney, A. Portsmouth, M. Godfree.

Apologies for absence :  H. Palmer, R. Shooter, E. Williams, P. Leake.

Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

Carried, with addition of apologies from I. Whitehead

Requests for additional urgent items on the agenda.

As below.

Urgent items to be covered.

1.  Abuse of officials. RD to write warning for EMEWS.  Guilty parties could be refused entry.  Names of offenders to EMOA, please.                      ACTION RD, CLUBS

2.  Perhaps disclaimer also needed  on car keys board, e.g. keys   left  at owner’s risk.

3.  Still no volunteers to look after E-kit.                        ACTION CLUBS

4.  Fixtures Secretary.  Might IW be persuaded to continue in this post. RD to contact IW.                                                                                ACTION RD  

5.  Development Officer.  Still no volunteers.

6.  Peter Palmer Relays a success.  Broke even.  Report on website.

7.  Controllers’ Conference ( 26.10.02 ) still on.  Planners and Controllers to attend if possible.

8.  Logo competition.  Defer to next meeting.

9.  JK2004 certain difficulties to be sorted ( by NWOA )

10.  New Age Classes for Juniors.  To be brought in by EMOA from now on, even if BOF cannot yet agree national policy.  Clubs to tell planners and EW.

                                                                                           ACTION CLUBS

Matters arising from the last meeting.



1.  Dave and Rose Hodkinson had written asking for aid, as had Helen Palmer.  The usual contribution was agreed.


1.  Galoppen events were fixed as Outwoods (Oct 13th), Allestree (Nov 3rd), Irchester (Nov 10th), Harlow Wood (Nov 24th), Eyam (Dec 8th), Clumber (Dec 22nd), Walesby (Jan 12th), Whitesprings (Feb 3rd), Old Dry Hills (Feb 16th), Blidworth (Mar 16th), Bradgate (Apr 24th). LOG to be               contacted to see if they can do any.                                     ACTION RD 

2.  Night League events were also fixed.        

Committee Reports  


1.  BOF Office still disrupted. SOA has now been devolved.  Child Protection and Racial Equality policies will be needed for each club. New rules for 2002/3.       


No meeting

Event Standards

No meeting

Other Representatives

Schools Development

No discussion


No discussion

National Forest/Woodland Trust

1.  RD and RE had attended meeting and made useful contacts.

Treasurer’s Report.

1.  New S.I. charges, as agreed at AGM to be instituted from Jan 1st.

2.  A new high-interest account to be opened. Treasurer or vice-chair to sign.

3.  On ordinary account, the number of signatories is to be reduced from 4 to 3. These to be RE, RD or HP. A second signature will be needed for amounts over £300.


No discussion

Electronic Punching

Custodian/checker/booker urgently needed.                     ACTION CLUBS


1.  NUOC to be invited to meetings                                    ACTION AP

2.  Executive Committee meetings minutes to be ‘vetted’ at the next meeting, and will then appear on website.

3.  AGM provisional minutes and revised constitution to be put on website.

                                                                                       ACTION AP


1.  Inter-Club Relay was not well advertised or attended. Do clubs really want this?  Put on fixtures list at next meeting.                                                      ACTION CLUBS

Date of next meetings.

1.  Next Committee meeting:  Monday November 25th , Red Lion at Kegworth, at 7.30pm.

2.  Other meetings in 2002/3:  27th Jan, 24th March, 19th May, 21st July, 15th Sept, AGM 6th Oct.