Present :   R. Edwards, P. Olivant,  A. Hawkins,  R. Denney, A. Portsmouth, M. Godfree. E. Williams, M. Gardner, H. Palmer, R. Shooter, R. Williamson, D. Gale,  I. Coe, I. Whitehead


 1. Apologies for absence :  J. Woodall, R. Macdonald, P. Leake.


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

          Carried, in spite of or because of small print

3. Website version of minutes.

         To be printed in full

4. Requests for additional urgent items on the agenda.

          as below

5. Urgent items to be covered.

           5.1  Inter-Club Relays. If any club wishes to put these on, EMOA will               support them, in particular with publicity.                         ACTION CLUBS

           5.2   EMOA Logo. EW to come up with design.                 ACTION EW

5.3        Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. EM Clubs are now “access organisations”, and we  might attract new youngsters, as well as our own juniors being able  to chart  their improvements.

5.4    Electronic Punching. Derek Gale has volunteered to take over the care of  this equipment, and is to come up with a system ( paper or other ) that will  work. May need complete battery replacement after many recent unit failures.

          5.5  Countryside Access may now be improved for ‘open land.’

          5.6  BOF event Insurance still covers events where for part of the area        no         written permission exists, as long as the event is registered.

          5.7  Development Officer. Still no volunteers.

          5.8  Controllers’ Conference. Very successful, 15 EM Controllers attended.       Possible future need for training for Organisers.

          5.9  JK 2004. Worryingly, no progress from NWOA. No budget yet, some             officials only just appointed. Problems with car-parking and access, and with   lack of meetings and communication.


6. Matters arising from the last meeting.



7. Correspondence. 


8. Fixtures.

           8.1  Galoppen changes  were to remove Blidworth, and add RAFO event at                  Temple Wood (Mar 2nd). It is still hoped that LOG might put on one or two.                                  

           8.2  It was decided after discussion that Harlow Woods results should stand,           despite not having a brown course and some competitors not running their              normal courses.

           8.3  Organisers were reminded to put Galoppen status on event fliers.

           8.4  Night League events were also fixed as Sense Valley, Bulwell Park,            Bosworth CP, and          Haywood Oaks.

           8.5  BOF members do not have to pay extra insurance at Trailquest events.

           8.6  BOF to be asked to fund software improvements to enable the                           electronic transfer of Fixtures nationally. Would also offer improvements for  regional fixture lists. Agreed that if BOF do not fund this, EM to pay up to                 £60 provided that other regions do the same.

8.7  Offers are being sought for Junior Home Internationals 2004, but EM has  too many other commitments.

           8.8  Offers also invited for Junior Team Relays 2004/5, and British Schools                    Score Champs 2004/5, and VHI 2005.


9. Committee Reports  


             No meeting


             9.1  CRB disclosures, with proof of identity, to HP when coaches renew                        their qualification.

9.2  Regional coaching course  to be held in Feb, or course for club coaches  in Lake District.

             9.3  Tutor/Assessor course  in Jan in Crewe.

             9.4  EM Juniors were the only ones to take up the Personal Performance                        Course at Bigland. May be another in spring in the south.


          Event Standards

9.5    There is now a new Rules booklet, and a new Course Planning booklet.

9.6    New ‘Ageless’ Junior courses generated a lot of discussion. BOF has recommended to stop this experiment. EMOA decided to continue with the ‘ageless’ classes for our 3 spring badge events.

9.7     From 1st Jan, Brown course lengths should be shortened ( as per Guidelines ), which may mean clubs putting on Black courses.

 10. Other Representatives

          Schools Development

             Still small amount for small coaching area to be mapped ( LEI ?).


Clubs reminded to print punching boxes on edges of new maps to be used      in case of Electronic Punching failure.

          National Forest/Woodland Trust

10.1   Risk Assessment ( copy from RD if needed ) to be sent with ER2s.

10.2   National Forest Trophy was awarded to Graham Watson (Outwoods ).

11. Treasurer’s Report.

            No discussion


            12.1  Aim to put out the next issue at Clumber ( 22nd Dec ).

13. Electronic Punching

            Dealt with under  5.4.

14. Website

14.1   Now up to 10 hits per day.

14.2   Recent/last-minute changes can be high-lighted.

15. A.O.B.

15.1  NUOC was welcomed to the meeting, in the person of Ian Coe. He        raised the possibility of help from EMOA, but it is more likely to be in the form of help with events, although unclaimed lost property will  be directed to NUOC for the use of new members. The problem of continuity within a University club was discussed.

16. Date of next meetings.

            16.1  Next Committee meeting : Monday January  27th , Red Lion at                                      Kegworth, at 7.30pm.

            16.2  Other meetings in 2003 :

                     24th March, 19th May, 21st July, 15th Sept, AGM 6th Oct.