Present :   R. Edwards, P. Olivant,  A. Hawkins,  R. Denney, M. Godfree. E. Williams, H. Palmer, R. Shooter, I. Whitehead, R. Macdonald.


 1. Apologies for absence :  J. Woodall, P. Leake, M. Gardner


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.

          Carried, with one change to 9.6


3. Website version of minutes.

         To be printed in full


4. Requests for additional urgent items on the agenda.



5. Urgent items to be covered.



6. Matters arising from the last meeting.

 6.1  Potential clash between W. Midlands Relay competition, to which E. Midlands clubs have been invited, and Grace Dieu event on 16.5.04. LEI to contact IW, with view to moving Grace Dieu event.               ACTION LEI 

6.2     EW’s logo design for British Champs  was chosen as E. Midlands logo.

6.3     CRB no longer insists on bank details, though including them  may speed up the process.

6.4     Parking for ‘our day’ at JK 2004 may now be sorted, though Day 1 parking, and the venue for the relays are still to be finalised.

6.5     Everington Park, and Arboretum to be mapped for schools use.


7. Correspondence. 

         7.1  EOC AGM, HP volunteered to attend.    

8. Fixtures.

8.1     Galoppen. LOG events at Twyford and Bourne to be added.

8.2     The question of clashes with neighbouring clubs, esp. O.D. and W.C.H., was discussed.


9. Committee Reports  


9.1The new Junior age classes are after all to go ahead, but the changes                   will be reviewed after two years.

9.2OS payments are now to be made  based on total map numbers, but OS maps can still not be used on websites.

9.3BOF AGM on 7th June, at Victoria High School, Ulverston ( to coincide with Bigland event ).

9.4Overlap noted between BOF committees, esp. ESC and Competitions over the new Junior age classes.



9.5Richard Robinson is now a club coach.

9.6Club Coaching day, 22nd March in New Forest.

9.7EMOA agreed to pay half the fee for attending Coaching Conference.


                          Event Standards

9.8Two new Grade 3 Controllers ( Paul Wright and Ann Marie     Duckworth


10. Other Representatives

          Schools Development

10.2     Still small amount for small coaching area to be mapped .



10.1     Latest Mapnav, and some BOF circulars, have not been sent to  everyone.


          National Forest/Woodland Trust

10.3     It was noted that local level support from Woodland Trust did not match that shown at national level.

10.4     Woodland Trust (local), and  National Trust (local), do not want their logos put on maps of areas they own.


11. Treasurer’s Report.

11.1     There is about £10 000 in the bank, expenditure being up a bit (Emews), and income being down a little.

11.2     A stolen cheque was used for fraudulent purposes, and Police are investigating.



              12.1 1st Feb deadline.


13. Electronic Punching

13.1     Some replacement batteries have been bought.

13.2     All clubs should adopt uniform policies on E. Midlands electronic equipment, viz. all charge £15 for lost ‘dibbers’, and all charge the same amount ( 50p ) for hire.    ACTION CLUBS

13.3     Junior Squad Printer has been separated from the rest of the equipment. Treasurer of club did not know this equipment had been used ( and therefore had to be paid for ), while Treasurer of region does not know where the printer is ( and therefore who should pay for its hire ).

13.4     Clash for E-punching equipment on 14.6.03, between the Junior Squad and the Harvester. RAFO might help out.          ACTION HP


14. Website

14.1   Old registration document to be passed to AP.


15. A.O.B.

15.1   BOF Conference, 5th July

15.2   CompassSport article on YHOA becoming an association of clubs.


16. Date of next meetings.

            16.1  Next Committee meeting : Monday 24th March, Red Lion at                                      Kegworth, at 7.30pm.

            16.2  Other meetings in 2003 :

               19th May, 21st July, 15th Sept, AGM 6th Oct.