Present :   R. Edwards, P. Olivant,  A. Hawkins,  R. Denney, M. Godfree, M. Gardner, E. Williams, H. Palmer, R. Shooter, I. Whitehead, John Woodall


 1. Apologies for absence :   P. Leake, R. Macdonald, A. Portsmouth, C. Phillips


2. Approval of the minutes of the last meeting.


4. Requests for additional urgent items on the agenda.

          4.1 Consistency of charge for lost dibber across EM clubs. Charge £17.50.


5. Urgent items to be covered.



6. Matters arising from the last meeting.

6.1     Grace Dieu event moved to 9.5.04. Clubs to decide whether to enter W. Midlands Relay.

6.2     EOC AGM Levy to regions likely to be about the same as before.

6.3     RAFO will probably help with E-quipment on 14.6.03


7. Correspondence. 



8. Fixtures.

8.1     Clubs to give C4/C5 dates to IW by end of March.

8.2     Yvette Baker Trophy 2003 venue needed. Bagworth, 12.10.03, proposed.

8.3     £500 grant from BOF for enhancing Junior events.

8.4     Offers wanted for British Schools Scores 2004 and 2005, and Yvette Baker Trophy final, December 2005.     ACTION CLUBS

8.5     Competition to commemorate Chris Brasher. Ideas to BOF.

8.6     Next winterís night event programme needs to be put together early ( by AGM ). M. Gardner to co-ordinate results.   ACTION CLUBS

9. Committee Reports  


 No meeting


                    9.1  SportEngland funding for Potential and Start programme.

9.2     First for Sport will award Instructor (level 2). Instructors need to renew every three years.

9.3     Club Mark accreditation. See Andrew Kelly.

9.4     CRB checks. Alex Ross or HP can sign.

9.5     Change to Junior Inter-Regional Champs rules Ė Maximum of 4 in any one age-group ( unless gold standard at JK or BC ).

                          Event Standards

9.6     Planners and controllers to be certificated.

9.7     EM is short of controllers.

9.8     Course lengths, rather than ratios based on M21 course, better for juniors, and can be varied by up to 20% longer or shorter to deal with differences either  physical or technical.

9.9     Novice courses ( something like red course ) to be put into course combinations.

9.10   Different colour standards for M and W needed.

9.11   Paper copy with badge times from organisers for all C4+ events.

9.12   Certain problems thrown up by having pre-entry for  CompassSport cup.


10. Other Representatives


10.1 Report From Chris Phillips had been circulated. Still no budget. Our officials will have relatively high expenses ( travel ). What will happen to equipment after the event ?

          Schools Development

10.2        £200 spent on mapping Evington Park.

  11. Treasurerís Report.

  11.1 About £10 000 in bank. S.I. E-quipment situation being monitored.



12.1     Harvester story wanted.

12.2     1st April deadline for next issue.


13. Electronic Punching

13.1     Lots of boxes have new batteries.

14. Website

  14.1  Impressive.

15. A.O.B.


16. Date of next meetings.

            16.1  Next Committee meeting : Monday 19th May, Red Lion at                                                 Kegworth, at 7.30pm.

            16.2  Other meetings in 2003 :

                    21st July, 15th Sept, AGM 6th Oct.