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East Midlands Championships 2023 Results

The East Midlands Champs for 2023 took place at Clumber Park on 29th January 2023. They were hosted by NOC and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10Darwin BuxtonDVOW10Alice PowellDVO
M12Aidan ChesterLEIW12  
M14  W14  
M16Daniel GloverLEIW16Ellie SimpsonLEI
M18Jake O'DonnellDVOW18Hannah MatherLOG
M20  W20Libby BarberLEI
M21Craig LucasLOGW21Monica HendersonNOC
M35Nerijus RozkovasDVOW35Esther RevellLEI
M40Andrew PowellDVOW40Toni O'Donovan (W45)LEI
M45Marcus ScotneyDVOW45Sally CallandDVO
M50John Duckworth (M55)DVOW50Michelle MackervoyDVO
M55Richard ParkinDVOW55Alison HardyLEI
M60Andrew RidgwayNOCW60Val JohnsonDVO
M65Paul AddisonDVOW65Jane Kayley-BurgessDVO
M70Michael NapierNOCW70Ann ArmisteadDVO
M75Derek GaleDVOW75Hilary PalmerNOC
M80David AndersonLEIW80  
M85John WoodallNOCW85  
M90Don MoirLEIW85  

East Midlands Championships 2022 Results

The East Midlands Champs for 2022 took place at Stanton Moor on 20th March 2022. They were hosted by DVO and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10  W10Alice PowellDVO
M12Eoin SimpsonLEIW12  
M14Daniel GloverLEIW14Ellen SimpsonLEI
M16Jake O'DonnellDVOW16Robyn JarvisLEI
M18Ben O'DonnellDVOW18Libby BarberLEI
M20James BedwellDVOW20  
M21Richard Robinson (M40)NOCW21Rachel Duckworth (W20)DVO
M35David PettitDVOW35Jennamari TeravaDVO
M40Andy Simpson (M45)LEIW40Nicola Hart (W60)DVO
M45Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOW45  
M50Darren CookDVOW50Michelle MackervoyDVO
M55Dai BedwellDVOW55Ann-Marie DuckworthDVO
M60Paul Morris (M65)NOCW60Val JohnsonDVO
M65Michael NapierNOCW65Jane Kayley-BurgessDVO
M70Richard PlumbDVOW70Judith HoltDVO
M75Derek GaleDVOW75Hilary PalmerNOC
M80Peter LeakeLEIW80  
M85Don MoirLEIW85  

East Midlands Championships 2021 Results

The East Midlands Champs for 2021 took place at Chinley Churn on 27th June 2021. They were hosted by DVO and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10  W10Alice PowellDVO
M12Felix JarvisLEIW12  
M14Josh BonesLOGW14Alice WoodwardDVO
M16Jake O'DonnellDVOW16Hanna MatherLOG
M18Ben O'DonnellDVOW18Rachel DuckworthDVO
M20  W20  
M21Richard Robinson (M40)NOCW21  
M35Andrew PowellDVOW35Sally Calland (W45)DVO
M40Richard Parkin (M50)DVOW40Helen ChiswellDVO
M45Philip Johnston-DavisRAFOW45Sarah ParkinDVO
M50Paul MurgatroydLOGW50Nicola O'DonnellDVO
M55John DuckworthDVOW55Amanda RobertsLOG
M60Mick LuckingNOCW60Val JohnsonDVO
M65Michael NapierNOCW65Viv MacdonaldDVO
M70Roger EdwardsLEIW70Liz GodfreeDVO
M75Peter ChickLEIW75Jen GaleDVO
M80Peter LeakeLEIW80  
M85Don MoirLEIW85  

East Midlands Championships 2020

There were no East Midlands Championships in 2020 due to Covid

Martinshaw EM League Event - New Date

The LEI event that had to be cancelled on 16th February due to the storms will now take place on 5th April 2020.

East Midlands Championships 2019 Results

The East Midlands Champs for 2019 took place at Grimsthorpe Castle on 8th December 2019. They were hosted by LOG and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10  W10Cerys GloverLEI
M12Daniel GloverLEIW12  
M14Jake O'DonnellDVOW14Hannah MartherLOG
M16Benjamin SquireNOCW16  
M18  W18Rachel DuckworthDVO
M20  W20Jessica Dring-MorrisLEI
M21Alistair ThorntonLUOCW21Esther RevellLEI
M35Andrew StuartDVOW35  
M40Andy GloverLEIW40Nicola Hart (W55)DVO
M45John MatherLOGW45Tanya TaylorLOG
M50Richard ParkinDVOW50Sal ChaffeyDVO
M55Steve SchofieldNOCW55Joanne NellRAFO
M60Mick LuckingNOCW60Val JohnsonDVO
M65Michael NapierNOCW65Judith HoltDVO
M70Mike GodfreeDVOW70Liz GodfreeDVO
M75Derek GaleDVOW75  
M80John WoodallNOCW80  
M85  W85  

East Midlands Sprint Championships 2019

The 2019 East Midlands Sprint Championships took place on the 23rd June at Witham St. Hughs, near Lincoln. Thank you to LOG for running the event.

The class winners were as follows:

WJHannah Mather LOG
WORose Schorah NOC
WVTanya Taylor LOG
WSV Amanda Roberts LOG
WUVHilary Palmer NOC
MJBen Mather LOG
MODave Schorah NOC
MVRichard Parkin DVO
MSVDave Chaffey DVO
MUVDoug Dickinson DVO

Full Results Are available on the LOG website.

East Midlands Championships 2018

The East Midlands Champs for 2018 took place at The Dukeries on 16th December 2018. They were hosted by NOC and the winners are shown in the table below:

M10Daniel GloverLEIW10  
M12Ben GloverLEIW12Hannah MatherLOG
M14Harrington LeakeLEIW14Libby BarberLEI
M16Jake O'Donnell (M12)DVOW16Sophie VincentDVO
M18Peter MackervoyDVOW18Imogen WilsonLEI
M20Nicholas WilsonLEIW20  
M21Richard Robinson (M35)NOCW21Jenn GaskellDVO
M35Andrew PowellDVOW35Liz HeatonLEI
M40Andy GloverLEIW40Nicola Hart (W55)DVO
M45Edward de Salis YoungLEIW45Michelle MackervoyDVO
M50Richard ParkinDVOW50Alison HardyLEI
M55Dave ChaffeyDVOW55Amanda RobertsLOG
M60Paul AddisonDVOW60Jane BurgessDVO
M65Michael NapierNOCW65Judith HoltDVO
M70Doug DickinsonDVOW70Liz GodfreeDVO
M75Simon FordLEIW75  
M80John WoodallNOCW80  
M85Don MoirLEIW85  

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