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Mileage Rates:

25p/mile for privately owned vehicles, plus an additional 2p/mile per relevant passenger, to a maximum of 29p/mile.

Mileage will be paid at the above rates in relation to both EMOA and EMJOS matters.

The above rates were approved at the EMOA AGM on 11 September 2023. These rates will apply for the 2023/24 Financial Year.

EMOA Financial Support

EMOA has a modest budget for the 2023/24 Financial Year to provide financial support to talented orienteers within the region.

Applications are welcomed from any member of the four clubs within the EMOA region who has been selected for their national camp / tour, trained with the Talent Squad, or has been selected for either their national orienteering squad, GB team, or represented their country at a Home International during the year in question.

In return for an article for the EMEWS about their experiences, EMOA will consider funding up to 1/3 of the direct costs incurred in attending said events, subject to a maximum annual contribution of £250 per person during any given Financial Year. The EMOA Financial Year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

If applications relate to attendance at JHI, SHI, or VHI events, applicants are expected to have claimed expenses from their national squad in the first instance.

All applications must be accompanied by reasonable evidence to support the direct costs being claimed and applications will only be able to be considered after the event has taken place.

All applications should be submitted to the Treasurer

Update: 17 September 2023